Zeta Reticuli: Arduino MIDI controlled 10-band EQ and multiple external effect interface

Zeta Reticuli: Arduino MIDI controlled 10-band EQ and external effect interface

I. Background Approximately half my lifetime (20 years) ago I used to have literally drillions & drillions of ideas that I still feel aren’t a complete waste of time. One of these brilliant ideas was to be able to control a guitar wah pedal from my computer. At the time …

Designing a replacement for an obsolete Electro Cam control system in a Maac thermoformer using a Teensy Arduino-compatible

Maac Oven Teensy Adapter

A high-output count DIY Arduino industrial controller and interface on the cheap This story revolves around one of the workhorse machines in the company where I work: a Maac vacuum former. It is a solid, well-designed machine with a solid, well-designed control system that Maac contracted out to the Electro …



For my son’s birthday I made him a DJ controller designed to resemble an old cabinet arcade machine. What follows is a brief overview of the process to make it, including code. The Teensy was chosen as the brains because of the way it handles USB. Not only does it …