Electrist 0.61b2 minor release

0.61b2 [Mar 3, 2011]
+ added some exception handling and better handling of parsing numbers from input strings (based on 2 ACRA reports)
+ fixed Conductor Size Selection calculator clear function
+ hardened classes, refactoring, and general code cleaning
+ changed RedBinary.com link on “About” to to point at Electrist category archives

This release reflects a couple of ACRA reports generated following yesterday’s release of 0.61b1. These reports indicated an issue in the routines that parse numeric values from the text in the input fields. While hopefully taking care of the issue, this update will still generate an ACRA report if this issue occurs. This is in an effort to gather more information on the root cause of the issue.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, get Electrist 0.61b1 now on the Android Market!