Electrist 0.61b2 minor release

0.61b2 [Mar 3, 2011] + added some exception handling and better handling of parsing numbers from input strings (based on 2 ACRA reports) + fixed Conductor Size Selection calculator clear function + hardened classes, refactoring, and general code cleaning + changed link on “About” to to point at Electrist …

Electrist 0.61b1 released

Electrist 0.61b1 has been updated in the Android Market with the following changes: 0.61b1 [Mar 2, 2011] + new menu icons + calculator activities now finish() on switching back to the chooser + revamped calculator chooser – now with 1000% more icons and favoritability + installed periodic waves calculator

Electrist 0.60b1 released

I’d like to assure everyone that development will be ongoing. For a full explanation of the slow updates please see my previous post. 0.60b1 [Feb 26, 2011] + added ACRA crash reporting library (requires INTERNET and READ_LOGS permissions) + added modular help dialogs that pull help text from so …